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I cannot remember a time that I have not been involved in art creating something in one form or another. I was just one of those kids that at a very young age displayed an affinity to the arts. At the age of 17 I was by chance introduced to my first set of ink pens, I refurbished them with care and was just amazed with the challenges of working in black and white and it has become a lifelong passion even at Berkshire Community College as an Art major.

Then an unexpected change happened in my life. I started a job for the summer in a world class company with hope to enter a prestigious Art Collage in the fall.  Entering a training program for highly skilled workers and after received the best job one could imagine for my efforts. I began to work with artisans three times my age. This trade was a blessing for all my life and showed me my abilities were multifaceted. It gave me the opportunity to do pen & ink illustrations part time and I even started a business in the 80’s (Morning Star Graphics).

Life has a way of redirecting my path and now I was called into missions and went to a foreign land. I was used to illustrating the Bible with pen & ink, but at this time I needed to illustrate it with words. This became a time deeper insight into the same book that I had already been illustrating. Both of these two paths came together and I started illustrating the Bible again on paper.

There is just so much about monochromatic art that has been in my life and the challenges to be able to create with just ink on paper. The anticipations of finishing an illustration and hanging it on a wall has been ingrained in me from my teenage years. Although I have participated in hundreds of juried exhibitions and have received many awards, it is always the best award to finish the next illustration and hang it on a wall.

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