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(BC) Psalm 46_4 Web Size 72dpi.jpeg

Psalms 46:4

There is a river whose streams make glad the city of God, the holy place where the Most High dwells.


(S)  w 14.5” x h 5.75”

(L)  w 19.5” x h 7.75”

Entering In

From this point looking over the Jordan River, it was furies and seemingly unpassable, but I heard “Step off the bank and enter in.” By faith I reached my foot out and stepped upon the water and it was as if I was on dry ground. My skepticism vanished and I walked over the torrent of waters to the other side. I was in a field of gray and each step overwhelmed me that I have been here and know this place, but I only have seen it so dimly before. With each step I could see a brilliant light and the land was radiant with glory as I moved forward. I looked back and I could see the staircase of stones were just big enough for two to climb. Awestruck with all the surroundings I proceeded forward to the Hall of Crowns that was nestled in the mighty oak trees. I could touch the stone building and marveled at the foundation so straight and true. There is a large cornerstone that had been inscribed (The Anointed One of GOD) and each stone was fastened with precise care as if no tool was used for shaping. When I surveyed the area for the architect of this humble structure. I had noticed the gentle sway of the trees and the shadows movement in the tall grass. How can one construct a door out of two beams and three nails? No handle, not even one hinge. So, I stood and wondered again why would anyone build such an amazing building yet there is no way to enter in? Again, I heard a gentle voice as a whisper, “You have been here before, enter in.” As I reached for the door and touched it firmly, I could envision so clearly that I had died here with my LORD and Savior thousands of years ago. It was on a barren hillside between two thieves it is the narrow gate I see before me now. I passed through the entry as a curtain that had been ripped in two. I could behold a hall that no one could see the end of, or even the end from side to side of this mammoth cathedral on the inside. There were saints of old and even ones that this world was not worthy of. They bordered and filled this great hall and every one of them knew me as if they had witnessed my walk with the Master every day of my life. “Enter in, enter in we were waiting for you” each one would say with a smile and a gentle gesture to move closer to the end of the Hall of Crowns. This was like coming home to the largest family gathering I have ever seen and although centuries had separated us at our births, our rebirth had reconciled us each one as righteous before the King of Kings and there was no space of time between us anymore. Again, I thought that this Hall of Crowns seemed such a humble cottage from the outside, but what was inside is beyond belief. Who could have constructed and assemble such a mighty array of believers of faith? I just wanted to stop at each and ever family member and hear their stories, but I was motioned to move forward and alas I knew why. I stood before a mighty throne and as an emerald river flowed from it and covered the entire floor from wall to wall and one could look down as through the emerald river to the earth below. But who was seated upon it looked as the Lamb of GOD who was slain and mighty bolts of lightning echoed the hall, but the rainbow of peace had held them back as I walked up the stairs covered with an unnumberable array of golden crowns. With each step I could hear “Hallelujahs” ring out in magnificent praise to His glory. As I stepped upon the last step and I looked at His wounded feet I could hear the silence…… and then…. “Well done my good and faithful servant.” Then a crown was placed upon my head and I could feel the weight of pure joy as I fell to the floor. “No, my LORD, it is not I, but you who are worthy. By your blood you have redeemed me and walked with me every day of my life and even up to this very door.” As I embraced the floor laying the crown at His feet, I could hear a chorus of “Hallelujahs” from every soul that filled this great hall. I hope to see you there to add to the praise of your brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus and yes, another crown upon the ground at His feet you will lay. “Hallelujah”!!!

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