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(KA)Genesis 1-11 Web Size 72dpi.jpg

Genesis 1:11

Then God said, "Let the land produce vegetation: seed-bearing plants and trees on the land that bear fruit with seed in it, according to their various kinds." And it was so.


Small: w 19.25” x h 9.25”
Large: w 20.75” x h 10.0”

As the wind of adversities blows and the trees sway. It’s not the size of the tree’s trunk that stabilizes it from toppling over, but it’s roots that are intertwined below the ground unseen. So, it is with our faith in GOD, ever growing, ever intertwining with Him and yet unseen to the human eye. GOD you are my rock, my fortress, my ever-present help in times of trouble. I have been engraved on the palm of your hand and nothing can remove me when you stand by me. In spring you have watered me with showers of living waters that rejuvenates dormant life. In summer you have giving me a carpet of shade with the lushness of feathered leaves. In fall you have brought color to my life and decorated me like a fine woven tapestry that artists can’t duplicate. When the winters of my life come and it seems as if death is all around me and I stand bare and lifeless. You give me something that evaporates the winter chill, hope that a new day is coming and you hold the seasons in Your hand. 

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