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Matthew 7: 13-14
"Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it. But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it.


Small: w 14.75” x h 8.00”
Large: w 22.00” x h 11.75”

I See The Light

I may not have a tremendous amount of survival skills, but what I do know will get you out of the woods and home to talk about it later. There are only two things to remember and both are equally important to anyone lost in the woods. First, keep calm. This does not seem of the utmost importance, but if you are not calm you will never achieve the next step. The second is, you need to be observant to the things around you. Look for certain things and keep walking straight till you see one of them. These things are important for they may save your life as it did for me on that dark night. A light, a stream and a road. If you can find one of these, you are home safe and so I thought. A light, because in the dark someone must have a fire going or a house with a light on. This is the easiest path to find where you are and where to go. A stream, because if you follow it, it will lead to a road and a road will always lead to a house.

With these two life saving tools I found myself lost in the midst of an unfamiliar neck of the woods. I stood and took a deep breath to calm myself and surveyed the terrain around me. It was dark by now and the woods were thick and filtered by the darkness, but I could make out a faint light in the distance that would pop out when the trees allowed it. Trying to keep one eye on my footing and the other on the blinking light, I drew closer and closer to it. The dark was almost like a mist and as I started to engage the source of the light, I felt this was something more then a porch light that was left on. Something or someone was there and the light was emulating from him. Unsure what I was going to encounter, I drew closer knowing this would be my only hope of survival. Oh, if only I knew how true this would be.

When I broke through the thicket and was in the midst of the light, I could see Jesus Christ crucified. The light seemed to enter my very being and I could feel the pain and anguish of the Lamb of GOD. If this was not enough, the presence of His holiness seemed to turn me to dust before Him simultaneously. I was undone and I stood before Him with not one security left. As I stood paralyzed in His presence, I thought to myself, “Why do I have to see you like this? Couldn’t I see you as the Lamb of GOD or even in glory?” Even though I did not speak out loud and not sure I could, He heard within me and His words reverberated through me and set me to great sorrow. He said” You have to see Me like this before you can see me any other way”. I could barely lift my eyes to see the great pain He was in and at the same time I was overwhelmed with what I have done, and He said something that would set my eyes to break forth in rivers of tears. He said, “What has taken you so long?” How did I know that you were waiting for me, for, you see, I did not realize that I had always been lost in these woods of life? Maybe I would build a nice house on a lake or even drove down a paved street, thinking I knew where I was going and what I would do tomorrow, but I was lost and just did not realize it till I stood before my LORD and Savior.

Time seemed to pass in split seconds and with a broken heart I cried out, “Can’t you come down now?” And with a wave of immense love He said, “There is always room for one more, I will wait.” I walked away not being lost anymore, but found and joyfully thanking GOD for His love for me. You too maybe unaware that you are lost and content in your corner of the woods. My advice is to seek Him while you can, for you will find Him, because He is waiting for you.

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