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Updated: Nov 17, 2023

Many times, as a child hearing the ding-dong cart ringing from a distance, I would scramble to find some lose change and run to the street joined by my fellow friends. I did not look for something fancy with chocolate and nuts, just a creamsicle for me. Opening the rapper and taking out my cool treat on that hot day, I began to enjoy it one lick at a time. I am not sure if the melting of my treat provided more in my mouth or upon my hands, but when it was done, there was only a flat stick that was remanding. Now, this is no ordinary stick. It was the remains of my treat and must be saved for further enjoyment. After acquiring a hand full of sticks, I would start with making a cross and then carefully weave them together into a square. When done, I would toss it into the air. What a joy to see my creation sore high into the atmosphere and almost catch the clouds before gliding to the earth below! Life seems to be just like my childish endeavors. Everyday is not always like that tasty creamsicle, so enjoy it when you have good days. For there are more days that all you have is a few sticks to hold on to, but out of the tough days when most folks might just disregard them as if they never happened, you can mold joy and happiness instead of sorrow. For you see I have woven my faults, my brokenness and tears what most would throw away, but I have intertwined them into the cross of Jesus Christ and I am ready to fly away.

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