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An experience of GOD’s faithfulness in Belarus

Updated: Apr 5, 2022

It was later than usual and I had just finished helping the missionary for the day. I could catch the last electric train for the night if I hurry through the subway in Minsk. I maneuvered through the subway and purchased my ticket to Borisov and proceeded to the cement platform to board the train, but as I drew closer, the lights were turned off and there was no train to be found. I was trying to figure out what was happening and suddenly a drunk staggered over trying to converse in Russian. I could only say a few phrases in Russian language, like “I speak very little Russian” and “I do not understand” in my best Russian with a heavy American accent. He tried to hold my arm and lead me away, but it seemed that I was holding him up more than he was guiding me. I don’t know, but I thought this was not a good idea to follow a drunk into a city that I only slightly knew. I just kept saying “No thank you” and he seemed to stumble of as fast as he came. As I surveyed the possibility that I had, I did not want to go back to the missionary’s apartment and wake his whole family. The night air was warm and I knew where I was, so I looked around for a spot to spend the night and figure it out in the morning, but not so. Immediately there were two military police on both sides of me asking questions as the drunk did. They were wearing long gray wool coats with the leather boots and belts over the coats topped off with the bluish Russian hats and machine guns in each of their hands. My few chosen fraises did not impress them a bit and they grabbed me by both arms and started to lead me back to the subway. As soon as we entered the building, they pointed the two machine guns on both sides of my torso and grabbed me tight. The lady who took the payment for the subway started to wave them pass and everything seemed to move in slow motion. Most if not, all Belarusians are very reserved and it is not polite to stare in their culture, but every eye was fixed on me with turned heads. I was escorted on the train in the Metro and again you could read everyone’s faces as they pulled their children to their sides. I could not help thinking where was I going and I just hope there was not someone that looked like me, and what did he do? All I could say was nothing and if I did say something, my two choice fraises would not help at this point. Out of the subway we went tightly arm in arm to a part of Minsk I had never been before. It was very dark by now and they lead me across the street to an open field that looked like someone had harvested the potatoes. It was full of ruts and they spoke and pushed me from the back with their guns toward the train on the other side of the field. I didn’t seem to have much of a choice. Would I get gunned down trying to escape or will I make it to the train? I chose the latter and ran across the field and climbed up onto the train without an entrance ramp. Entering the train and sitting down in an almost empty train car, I started to think Where am I going? Siberia? I can always follow the tracks back. It will be a long night, but no matter where I am, it will take the same time till morning. Fortunately for me, I was wearing a watch and I knew it took one hour by train from Minsk to Borisov. I seemed to have one thing in control, time was ticking and I knew what time it was. I tried to make myself comfortable and opened my Bible to the place that I had stopped reading in the morning Romans 13: 1 “Everyone must submit himself to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which GOD has established. The authorities that exist have been established by GOD.” I could hardly finish the first verse with eyes full of tears and then the Holy Spirit fell upon me as I praised GOD for His word and His faithfulness. GOD is so faithful!!! As I eagerly watched my watch and counting the minutes before one hour has passed, I peered outside, but the light in the train car amplified the darkness outside and I could see nothing and recognize even less. Finally, the hour has passed and I headed for the exit compartment on the end of the car and waited for the train to stop. Once it did, I climbed from the car and took a few steps away from the train. It was so good after all this to be on solid grown, but the light from the train car window was shining out and as I looked around, it was all pitch black. Then the train started to move. As I waited for the train to pass and my eyes acclimated to the darkness, I could see that I was at the precise spot I wanted to be and close to home. The short walk through the woods on a goat road seemed like nothing as I praised GOD for His faithfulness, mercies and goodness to me. I was rejoicing with the stars all the way home.

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