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Devine healing times two

Updated: Apr 5, 2022

It seemed just like another day, and my friend and sister in the Lord, Ludmila, came home to tell me of a lady who could only sleep a few hours a week. She was bed ridden and could not leave her apartment (flat). Ludmila had put together two bags of food for the lady and we were off to see her. Sometimes, it is in the simple acts of kindness that GOD shows up. We left our building and proceeded to the bus stop and waited for the next bus. When we climbed aboard and started to enter the old part of Borisov that I had never have been before, we seemed to have exited the city and were now in a wooded area. The bus stopped in a cul-de-sac and there was nothing, but woods all around us. Of course, there was the typical (over six-foot) cement wall that surrounded the circle. There seemed to be one section that had partially fallen down just enough to hop over. Once on the other side of the barrier there was the normal little goat path that was made from everyone going to catch the bus and coming back. We went through the woods and were in front of many flats (apartment buildings). We maneuvered through till we finally came to her building. After climbing the stairs and knocking, her door slowly opened without any help. Ludmila called out her name. There was a muffled answer, so we proceeded to enter her flat. We found a woman sitting on the floor in a tattered condition. Her hair was unkept, not only lacking of any style, but brittle as well. Her eyes were the most remarkable part of her, because the eye lids looked like large night crawlers and red in color. Her face was almost gray in color and the best description of her was of being tortured for a long period of time. I do not know what living on three to five hours of sleep a week over a long period of time looks like, but this was horrendous. She quietly apologized for not being able to get up and make some tea. She said she could not move. We opened the bags and started to show her the produce we had brought, but there was not even a glimmer in her eyes.

So, we became bolder, knowing that she had no strength to throw us out, we asked “Do you know Jesus Christ as your personal Savior and Lord?” She answered “no”, so we began to share the Gospel message. Point by point, as she intently stared at us looking devastated, we asked if she understood who Jesus Christ was, what He did, and how we are, but sinners. This is GOD’s plain of salvation for all the world and this includes you. She responded “yes” and we asked if she “wanted to pray with us and accept Jesus Christ as her personal LORD and SAVIOR”. Now, that she said “yes”, this was more than enough for us to pray with her to accept GOD’s plan of salvation through Jesus Christ. After praying, I sensed that there was something else happening, something was quietly, subtlety not right. So, I asked “do you know someone who is into witch craft”? She said “yes, her husband that had left her, was a warlock”. Things were starting to fall into place and I reassured her that “this has no power over you anymore, now that Jesus is your LORD and SAVIOR.” Again, I asked “would you mind if we prayed for you again”? She said “No” and we stood up placing our hands on her head and started to pray. It was no more that fifteen minutes, but all I could believe and stand on is that “there cannot be two masters in one house and now that Master was the Maker of the universe and Lord of her life. She has been redeemed by the blood of Jesus Christ and get out Satan”!!! To my surprise when I open my eyes and took my hands off her head, there was a new person there completely normal. Hair had color and looked as if she had just come back from a salon, no red in her eyes, and the eye lids are flesh in color now. She jumped up and put some water on to serve tea. I have never seen a person delivered and physically healed at the same time. I was amazed, but never tried to show my surprise of how mighty our GOD is. As we drank the tea, I asked if she had any idols, any objects left from her husband. She quickly jumped up, went over to a drawer and pulled some sort of twisted figure that you could fit in your hand. I told her that “this has no place in your house anymore and to either burn it or throw it into the garbage bin outside”. She said she would with a smile and it was time for us to go. It was already dark and we were so blessed to see GOD enlighten her heart and her home. When we were walking to the bus stop, I noticed that we were going a different way and we started to approach a guard shack in the center of the road. As we passed, the guard waved us bye, and we slowly walked by. I realized that we were in the Belarus Tank Division Base (The Shield). Worse than that, we snuck into a military base without permission and I am an American. GOD was not done with showing His power because if I was caught, I am sure, you would never hear this story. Thank you, LORD!!! One more note: the lady received water baptism and every day the doors of the church were open, she was there. GOD is so good!!!

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Wanda Ferguson
Wanda Ferguson
Jun 09, 2023

How Great is our God! Thank you for this testimony we need to know this because satan is trying to take over the children in America. The Christians are so confused they don't know how to pray and believe God for deliverance.

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