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Updated: Mar 29, 2022

I am just a person who loves the wonders of life around us and sees the hand of GOD so vividly in all of His creation. The Bible speaks deeply of the common salvation that we can all receive through His Son’s death and resurrection. Who could think of such a thought? Only GOD, and His plan to redeem us to Himself. His Word is so rich and living that touches us to the quick and yet, as we walk with Him, it grows fresher and deeper with each step. Like a child at his first sight of the wonders around him, so much should we be enthralled and captivated with the beauty and majesty that surround us morning by morning. We have sometimes become desensitized to the lushness of the forest, the vastness of the plains and the majesties of the mountains’ scape. Have you ever layed on your back (what would seem endlessly) and stared into the night sky seeing a pattern tapestry of light woven into a galaxy of darkness? Maybe you too have seen the splendor of creation and the hand of Him who spoke it into existence.

My name is Roger A. Duffy and I am a fine artist specializing in pen & ink illustrations of the word of GOD. I have been involved in world missions for thirty years. Twenty of those I have lived and traveled in Russia and Belarus. I have tried to illustrate with words some of the testimonies while living in these countries. Also helping pastors in Ukraine, Uzbekistan and the USA and was involved in building projects and seeing to the poor, always called upon to teach and preach GOD’s word. I believe that GOD is relevant in our lives and in the world today. I try to depict the beauty of the world we live in with the truth of GOD’s Word on paper. With each illustration I try to use different techniques and viewpoints to capture the world around us, as well to have stories of each illustration that I hope touches our spirit with the truth of scripture.

I have studied in Washington School of Fine Art, the George Walter Vincent Museum of Fine Art and the Berkshire Community College as an art major, having shown my work in many fairs, juried art shows and galleries in Massachusetts and other states. I have always been challenged with pen & ink and with all the limitations and its permanency that compels me to find creative ways to illustrate a thought or feeling about GOD’s Word. Many artists struggle with what medium to use and try a little of everything (and that’s all right), but at the age of seventeen I picked up my first set of ink pens and fell in love with what you can do with a little ink on white paper. I am always so thankful just to hang an illustration on the wall after it is finished, then start on the next one. From the time of seventeen forward I have always kept a little ink on my fingers and a fresh illustration on the wall.

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