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Plunging into the arms of the Father

Updated: Nov 17, 2023

As the man stands on the edge of the cliff and peers at the oncoming ocean waves, he counts and listens to the waves breaking against the stone cliff he is standing on the precipice. Looking down, all he can see is the sheer cliff and jagged rocks at the bottom. The view from on top is nothing but doom, but when the timing is right, he leaps into the air twisting and turning and he plummets downward. The man is not terrified as he plunges himself over the edge, down toward the awaiting and impending dark and jagged ocean floor. Down, down, down the fearless diver plunges toward the sharpened teeth awaiting him. Just in the brink of time, the roaring ocean wave crashes into the jagged rock wall below causing a churning vertical wall of white foam which climbs higher and higher up the jagged wall until it fully engulfs the faithful diver. It is not the depth of the water that breaks the man’s decent, but the power of the wave that pushes the man ever upward, far above the ocean floor. This is symbolic of our walk by faith, “…it is not by sight, nor by strength;” it is by the power of an Almighty GOD that makes a way with each step we take when we follow Him. This is “plunging into the arms of the Father,” with the faith and trust we have in the Creator of the roaring ocean waves; it is in our belief of all we see, and faith in what cannot see, that carries us. It is the ‘Lion of Judea.’ Only He can make a way for us where there is none. This is how David must have felt as he approached Goliath and how Daniel must have felt as he felt the breath of the lions upon his face. As a Christian Artist, my perspective is one of faith and truth. As one door after another was slammed in my face, I held onto that faith. When I am told “You are cutting your throat when you use these titles from the Bible,” I have simply reacted with, “I am plunging into the arms of the Father.” It is this Everlasting Father, the Almighty GOD, that breaks my fall each and every time. I give Him all the “GLORY and all the Honor,” for He is a living GOD.

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