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Slave to sin

Updated: Apr 8, 2022

There was a time that I envisioned myself on the gallows of sin, not because of my race as was done for so long unfairly and cruelly to others. I was there for who I was and what I have done. I stood in shabby clothes no finer then filthy rags and reeked of my guilt. I had a certain conception of my self -worth even though I knew I was guilty as sin. As I stood there looking out to the crowd of future masters of my life. The actioner cried out in a loud voice stating all my wrong doings and faults. He was right about every single one of them and even more, and I knew it was so. The bidding began and the cry for a thousand dollars was sounded, but no one answered. The number went down and down till it was lower than my self-worth and still no one answered. The silence was heart wrenching, but all that I could hear was that you were guilty. Guilty…Guilty as charged. I could not even bear to look at the faces in the crowd before me and my eyes sunk to the wooden platform I was standing on. Now the bid was for just hundreds of dollars and still the only answer was a piercing silence to my soul. Fifty, who would give me fifty? Yet not one would answer. Twenty, who would give me twenty? Ten, who would give me ten? A pause that seemed as if it was eternity passing by. I knew that I was lost and that if no one bought me, I would receive the penalty of my sins “DEATH”. I was wrong, I was caught and I am of absolutely no value, but the payment must be paid. I could not hold back the tears and as my vision blurred, I couldn’t raise my head any farther than to look at my feet. No one, no one would purchase me for mere pennies? Even that day became dark and dreary and I knew there was no hope, for my life was not even worth the filthy rags that I was wearing. But then the skies seemed to open, the light poured forth and I heard a voice saying “I will purchase him, just as he is, for ten thousand dollars.” My eyes lifted in unbelief and scanned to see who my master would be. “No” resounded the same voice, “I will pay one hundred thousand dollars.” Is this true, could it be? Is there someone who just wants me? Again, I heard as everyone turned in shock for this phantom voice. “I will pay one million dollars.” How peculiar, how odd this my master is bidding against Himself. Is this true, am I free from death? “No” I heard again, it was the same voice and there was a long pause. “I will give My Son, my only Son to take his place for payment in full of all that he has done. He is mine, but he will not be my slave, he will be my child, one of My own. Set him free, wash him clean and cloth him in the best of robes”. The chains fell free and clambered to the ground and I felt the freedom of the weight of sin that was taken from me and placed never to return. Now I stand as one who is not measured by the concept of what I think I am worth or even what someone would think I am worth, but I am worth what I was purchased for. A price that is beyond compare, the blood of Jesus Christ. I stand as a grateful son in the site of my extravagant Heavenly Father.

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