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There was a time that I was asleep, but fully awake

Updated: Apr 5, 2022

There are few once in a life time experiences that changed my life. One night I was fully asleep and dreaming, yet all my senses were so keen that I thought I was awake. I was in a place that I have never been before, but it seemed as if I knew just where I was. Everything was destroyed there, was not even one blade of grass to be found. The sky was completely gray and everything was burnt to ashes as far as the eye could see. The roads were heaved up in some areas and seem to be used as caves in this environment. There was a settled dust everywhere half way to your knees and as I walked through it, I could feel it stick to my legs as if it was a caked-on clay. It was not just a bit on the ground, but seemed to cover the grown as gray snow. Although the sky was gray and seemed to defuse the light it was abnormally warm. No shade of a tree, no shadow of a building, just a searing heat. As I approached a building that was barely standing and most of it was missing. I reached out to touch the familiar building and the bricks would crumble from the slightest touch. I looked to my hand to see the remnants upon my fingers and then there were people who were badly burned and disfigured trying to climb up onto me from below. They asked and asked repeatedly, “Why, Why, Why”? I did not know the answer for my wholeness or even their brokenness, but one thing and only one thing I knew. The answer is in the Bible. As I awoke, I was in a cold sweet and in an alarming condition. It was like I escaped reality and entered into a dream. I was not a believer at this time and was not under the influence of drugs or alcohol. I proceeded to read the Bible as much and as often as I could, not realizing that I was seeking my own need and image in the very book that I was looking for answers. It was not them that needed help, but me. Almost one year to that date, we went to visit a Christian family for a meal and to share about the Bible. I had been reading for almost a year and I understood who I was, who Jesus Christ was and did for me. I understood that it was by faith that I could reach out and receive GOD’s grace and forgiveness, but there was one thing I had never heard or read. “Have you ever received Jesus Christ as your personal LORD and Savior?” I have never heard this and thought that He died for the whole world, but never thought that it could have been just for me. I was asked if I wanted to pray, and I bowed my head and accepted Jesus Christ as my LORD and Savior. This was the smartest move I have ever made in my life and am even more thankful each and every day.

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