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Walking home in the dead of the night

Updated: Mar 29, 2022

While in Chekhov, Russia we decided to do as much for the LORD as He would open doors of opportunity. We were very blessed to have been able to teach three different Bible studies at the same time on different days of the week. The book of Acts at the Pentecostal Church, The book of 1 Corinthians in the Baptist Church and a home Bible study of the book of Romans. One day a week there was a prayer meeting at the church that was from one hour to three hours, as long as the LORD would lead. Then there was the Sunday gathering of the saints in the morning and at night. I had to prepare for each and every service, because you never know when the pastor would call you to share the word. This would be much more often than not, so I always had a fresh word that GOD had poured out on my heart.

This would leave us one day a week to prepare paper work to try to stay in the country and be with the church. My wife was pregnant and we were trying to be able to extend my visa, but in Russia you must leave the country to be able to come back again. After countless tries we thought it would be most wise to have a plan “B”, so we started to do the paper work for Natasha to come to America with her son Kirill. We did not want to share with people what we were doing, but one day a week we would go to Moscow and try to secure the needed paper work. This is Russia and this was a very hard task, because everyone wanted a bribe every time they saw the American passport. We worked for over six months and there were still almost a dozen papers or stamps we needed to even try to leave the country as a family. This particular day we traveled all over Moscow by train, subway, bus and just a lot by foot and we were coming home without one paper done. It was the darkest of nights when we got off the commuter train from Moscow and still had almost an hour to walk home. Both of us discouraged and in tears with just what we could see. It seemed that I would have to leave the country and Natasha and Kirill would have to stay. This would also mean that Natasha would have to give birth to our daughter Amy in Russia and I would be on the other side of the world with little chance of coming back. There were many reasons to cry, but in our tears, we chose to look to the LORD to open doors in the midst of our dilemma. I looked over to my wife and said “It is always darkest before the morning light”. This was a prophetic word for us and the very next week we almost finished all our paper work that was needed to leave the country, the LORD accomplished more in one day then we did in the six months. Do not tell me prayer does not work and that GOD can and will open doors, even a Russia door as you seek His face. Thank you, Jesus!!!

This story leads us to a New Year with all kinds of possibilities and needs in our life. Everything may seem dark and there is no way, but GOD can make a way. GOD can open a door. GOD can part the sea and most of all GOD can stand beside us even in the mist of the fire. Let GOD be your testimony in your healing, in you direction, in what will be the substance of your praise and His glory. Let this be the year of uncommon favor in your lives. I thank Him before hand because I know He is an Almighty GOD.

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