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(EA) Psalm 42-1 Web Size 72dpi.jpg

PSALM 42:1
As the deer pants for the water brooks, So pants my soul for you, O God


Small: w 17.75” x h 12.50”
Large: w 28.50” x h 20.50”


David wrote this Psalm and it speaks of his longing to be in the presence of the LORD. At this time the presence of the LORD was manifested in the tabernacle. Because King Saul was persecuting David and hunting him down in the desert, David’s heart was for the simple privilege to walk into the tabernacle and worship GOD. The simple ability for us to enter a church with freedom to worship GOD was denied him and his heart yearned for the house of GOD. This was the time and situation that David lived in and it is hard for us to understand his great longing and severe suffering for GOD. Many in this world feel the same persecution and long to have corporate worship with GOD. We have this freedom and this is why I put the deer in the mist of the stream. We have the blessing to enter boldly into the throne room of GOD at any time, at any place and no matter the situation around us. Not because of our worthiness or position in society, but only because of the redemptive work we have received through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ and His shed blood on the cross. Yes, we can not only come in our time of need, but we can come boldly and receive grace.

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